How To Be Relationship Ready And
Finally Create A Connection That Lasts...

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Does It Feel Like You Just Can't Afford To Fail At Relationship Again?

Like the odds of having a fulfilling, meaningful relationship are just never going to happen for you?

Have you been repeating negative patterns?... dating the same kind of guy or have been in toxic relationships that ultimately end in heartbreak?

Are you suffering from crippling anxiety in dating, feeling powerless to change this part of your life and scared to make a mistake?

Are you exhausted by having to "play games" in order to try and win a man's heart…

Do you keep picking emotionally unavailable men that lead to relationships that just make you feel more lost?

If you're honest, deep down you feel like there may be something wrong with you...

I want you to know, you're not alone.

You're ready to find the man
 you want to grow old with and create a relationship that finally lasts... but...

Here Is The Harsh Reality...

Until you address this underlying problem within yourself, no dating advice, relationship tips or secrets are going to make any difference, but rather just lead to more heartbreak and years wasted time.

You'll continue to unknowingly push good men away because of patterns you developed when you were really young.

These patterns destroy your self-esteem in dating
 and only lead to anxiety and sabotage in your relationships.

However, there is Hope.

The truth is, your relationships with men will transform 
once YOU transform the relationship you have with yourself.

You must discover how to heal your past and cultivate an honest and loving relationship with yourself.

A relationship that allows you to come from strength and courage so you no longer bring the anxiety, neediness or silent feelings of unworthiness into your connections with men.

Once you truly feel deep down that you deserve the kind of love you want you'll be able to inspire a man to love you for YOU.

What If You Could Completely Change Your Love-Life In
6 Weeks?

Most programs only deal with the surface. But if you want to connect deeply with a man, quick fixes like these don't work.

It's time to move forward.  

No more settling for an unfulfilled, unsatisfied, dating life. 

It's time to stop feeling hopeless that this will never happen for you. 

It's time to stop blaming your past for the lack of love you feel 

and finally do something about it.

It's time to go deeper and discover the real techniques to attract the lasting relationship you deserve.




THE Online Program To Finally Attract a Love Relationship That Lasts

The Relationship Ready program gives you a complete blueprint for becoming "The One" in his eyes.  More importantly, it has you become THE ONE for you - the absolute best, confident, vibrant version of yourself. The kind of woman you can fall in love with.

Relationship Ready is a 6 week deep-dive transformational program that gives you a new way to approach men and create deep connections with them more effortlessly.  It does this by diving into the core issue that's been holding you back, helping you gracefully release it so you can finally escape the cycle of relationship sabotage.

It’s taught by us, two humble and conscious men, who aim to give you an unveiled insight on how to relate with men via from a man’s perspective so you can inspire him to love and be loved with you. 


6 Weekly Video Modules [value $1500]

Each and every week for 6 weeks, you’ll get access to a rich and focused relationship video modules.  Every module has several videos and is designed to give you transformational insight & practices on creating a relationship with a man.

Using the latest models on Attachment Theory, Neuro-science, Non-violent Communication and Spirituality each module expands your relationship toolbox.  The intent is to give you a breakthrough in your love life by gently shifting your beliefs and identity around relationships, men and most importantly, YOU.

In addition, you'll get specific practices and challenges each week so you can get real-life experience on how to connect deeply with men and ENJOY this journey no matter what phase of life you're in.  All modules are in both audio and HD video format available 24/7 from your phone, laptop or tablet.




In this week, you will lay a powerful foundation for being in a loving conscious relationship.  Starting with creating a crystal clear vision of the exact healthy dynamic you want to call into your life.




This week you'll wake up to what has been really going on.  You'll clearly discover the unconscious roles you have been playing with men. The problems you may have unknowingly been attracting based on your childhood. And then you'll discover how to choose something better.




The essence of this week is understanding a man the way he understands himself so you can get his hopes, fears, his edges and offer him support in a way that makes you irreplaceable.




This week, you go beyond your shopping list of wanting a smart, successful, kind man - and you discover the four top factors that REALLY dictate long-term compatibility so you can stop wasting time and know when to invest.




At the deepest level, what you want from your relationship is genuine, authentic intimacy. This module is all about discovering what blocks your greatest path to intimacy - which is your vulnerability.  Discover how to courageously open to the power of your heart, which is what HE NEEDS and what you really want to do




This final week is all about distilling what you have learnt and putting it into an action plan for being fully Relationship Ready. This may be the most powerful week of the course as you'll discover a way of being that creates a potent feminine magnetism men just want to be around.  


Pre-recorded Q&A video coaching calls [value $900]

Start attractingLOVE now

(If not now, then when?)

PLUS Get these Added Bonuses Worth $1,000





A private online fellowship of like-minded women dedicated to creating lasting love.



[VALUE $500]


Actions of Attraction + 3 Instincts ‘Master Model’


This is Clayton's 250 page ebook that breaks all men down into 3 archetypes you need to understand



[VALUE $97]



Emotional Intelligence 101 Interview


A really rich conversation between Jack and Andrea Isaacs, international workshop leader, and emotional intelligence expert.


[VALUE $97]


How To Love Better Interview



You will love Dr. Keith Witt, he’s a real gem and has done over 10,000 hours of couples’ work!



[VALUE $97]


4 Pillars of A Conscious Relationship Ebook

This is Jack and Clayton's debut book together and we have people telling us it is worth the ENTIRE course investment alone! 

In this concise ebook, you will learn:


[VALUE $127]


"This course has been very, very healing for me. I'm just now beginning to show the self-respect I deserve."
Kathy, Australia
“I’ve learned so much. I find I’m much calmer and I can tell a difference in how I relate to my friends, family, etc. I’ve learned to embrace the awkward silences and be aware of me, my surroundings and the people I happen to be with.”
Sue L
"All the counseling I have done for the past 2 years has not had this kind of impact that your program did. Life changing!"
Shar, California
Week 5. WHAAAT???? You guys are frigging awesome. Love you guys. Thanks for this course. Your talk on vulnerability was the BEST I have seen out there. I hear people allude to it all the time. But honestly I did not understand it until now!! xoxox
"Both you (Jack) and Clayton are amazing with your advice and insights on dating and relationships. I am blown away by your content"
Sara, United Arab Emirates

This is a tremendous value.

Regardless of whether you are single, going through a breakup or in a relationship, I think we can agree on two things:

First, you're getting EXACTLY what you need to finally be with a high quality man and the relationship you deserve.

Investing in yourself is something that lasts a lifetime.

It's an experience that continues to pay dividends for the rest of your life.

But just to MAKE SURE that happens (and because we want to support your ongoing development), we're also giving you...LIFETIME ACCESS to ALL of the programs and the private Facebook group.

Frankly, we are offering this class more as a "labor of love" than anything else. With the small numbers in this program and what we get paid for our private coaching, this wouldn't make sense for us if we didn't love teaching.

So if you know this is right for you and will help you, enroll right now before the class closes.


Total value = $3318


Yes, I’m Ready to BECOME THE ONE


  • 1 Payment of $997
  • Digital Program
  • 24/7 Lifetime Access


  • 3 Payments of $332
  • Digital Program
  • 24/7 Lifetime Access

30-day money-back guarantee.

You get to try our program COMPLETELY risk-free. What that means is you get to experience the first four weeks of the program, before you have to decide if it’s right for you. That’s pretty cool, no? 

If at any point within 30 days from the time/day of purchase, you decide this isn’t improving your relationship life, just send Jack an email and we’ll refund you in FULL. Our marketing advisors keep trying to get us to shorten the period to 7 or 10 days and fear people could take advantage of generosity. We believe in our product though and trust that our work is right for the people it’s right for. 

So what are you waiting for? Try us and let us see if we can vastly increase your relationship IQ.

Current Members In Our Community Say:

“I would like to say that the program was a breath of fresh air focusing on oneself versus how to "trick" type maneuvers of how to get the guy. Self reflection and working with oneself is where everyone needs to start. Appreciate the spiritual connections as well. :)"
"An actual demonstration, a lived experience, of two conscious men holding space for women, and loving them, showing up for them, showing us that YES YOU DO EXIST!!"
Grace Lewis
“you guys are the best. I am going to miss this when it's over..... Seriously… :(“
Supreet K
"Clayton is an amazing person with incredible insight to offer. Clayton made a major impact in my life, and has helped to shape me into a stronger and more confident woman. I am very grateful that I found him and feel honored to have worked with him. He genuinely cares and has a gift for what he does. I highly recommend him."
"The course offers a plethora of information articulated really well. Jack and Clayton do an exceptional and thorough job of getting the information out and understood with clarity. You guys make a great couple of teaching woman about how to really know themselves so they can show up authentically to attract the right relationship. "
Lorri S
“I really enjoy the program and see it's worth, you guys are doing great job.” Thank you 🙂 With love
Gosia P

More About Clayton and Jack


Jack and Clayton met over a fire pit at a housewarming party in Boulder, Colorado in Fall 2014.  They clicked and immediately started bouncing ideas about personal growth, transformation and the big questions of life.

In 2016, Clayton accepted an invitation to join Jack for a month in Bali, and during hikes in rice paddies and humid sightseeing, they started to talk about what they could create together as coaches.

Clayton played a little hard to get.  But in early 2017 when he and Jack overlapped in Marin County, California, overlooking the Pacific Ocean with the shore lapping on a beautiful rock, they agreed to create a webinar for women who wanted more from their love life.

After that webinar, a huge number of co-created Youtube videos, and a vibrantly growing community of women being impacted by their work, their teaching has evolved into the Relationship Ready program which you are being invited to be part of today.

They are committed to helping you be more of yourself whilst attracting and keeping the right man.  Relationships are not what they were for our parents and grandparents.  The new relationship is where we really get to deepen who we are and love from that place.  It’s hard, but it’s well worth it. 

Join us!

In your corner, love,

“Your relationship with yourself sets the tone for every other relationship you have.”


Perhaps you've given up on love or think you're not meant to be in a relationship at this time.  Let us do the hard lifting for you.  One of the biggest changes you'll get from this course is the self-belief that it is possible and the relationship doesn't have to be as hard as you've been making it.  This course is designed to shift core beliefs.  This work is hard to do on your own and that's why when you let us be your stewards in this, we can help you see the things in your way that you can't see.  The invisible obstacles standing in your way.  Our goal is to prepare you now so that when the moment comes when you meet a man that makes you feel weak in the knees, you're completely ready.

Maybe you have other responsibilities. We're busy guys too. We've designed this program is to have a very streamlined core. There are core modules and then auxiliary modules. If you're busy stick to the core modules. If you have more time, then you can go through the optional modules as well. You'll also have access to the course indefinitely and can move at your own pace.

If you don't have time to watch the videos, you can listen to the audios. If that doesn't work we also have all the modules in very clear transcription/written form. It's all available 24/7 in the member area. You can put it on in your car, you can play the audios in the gym or in your bed at night before you go to sleep.

Lastly, we want to make this fun and enjoyable! Not only are Clayton and Jack two teachers that have their own coaching practices, but they're also really good friends that have decided to come together. There is a natural synergy they're offering that just deepens the coaching and your experience in the course.

This content is appropriate to all women over the age of 28.  In our community, we have lots of women in their 50s and 60s, and they are some of our biggest success stories.  Later in life, you sometimes have more data to draw from which can actually help you understand what we are teaching more easily.  Sometimes, with fewer commitments to buying a house and raising young children, our older community members have more time to engage with the material more deeply.  It’s not uncommon for people to go through the program more than once.

One of the most impactful modules in our program distinguishes companionship, lovership, and partnership. Our aim is actually to help you BECOME the one, which means being fully yourself in a relationship and loved for who you really are. We are helping empower you to have the relationship you want NOW, not based upon what other people think or what you had or wanted in the past, but what is right for you now.

Firstly, you’re not alone. Lots of our community members feel new to the dating game. Maybe you have been in a long-term marriage or relationship, and are finding it difficult to get out dating. Maybe the dating game has changed a lot since when you were last dating, with the advent of online dating, Tinder and so on. Our commitment is for you to enjoy your dating from a place of being more fully yourself, communicating who you are and then trusting what unfolds. The perspective we teach has been immensely empowering for people who feel like dating is a game they don’t want to play, or that there are tricks and tips they are no good at. You will likely find our approach refreshing because it is rooted in being genuine. So, if you’re not enjoying your dating, why not let us support you?

For starters, this course is not just for single women.  Maybe your man hasn't committed to you fully yet.  Perhaps you want more attention, time or presence from him.  Maybe you're craving more from the relationship but don't know how to inspire him to really step in and meet you the way you need!  Jack and Clayton dedicate an entire portion of the curriculum to "Crucial Conversations" where we're going to show you the exact language on how to navigate those conversations so you can bring your relationship with him to a deeper level.  In addition, if you've been feeling insecure or unsure about whether he's going to leave you, you're covered there as well.  Particularly Module 3 and 4 dive deep into relational dynamics that will help you see what's REALLY going on between you two.

First, this is not a get your ex back program, however, this program is about deep and real relationship. It's about being ready for the kind of relationship you want. The kind that you crave the kind that you've dreamed of. Now if your ex wants to create that with you, fantastic. It's often time the case that if your relationship wasn't working, it's because you were wanting more from him. More leadership, more presence, more love; and with the relationship ready program, you'll discover how to inspire men to want to lead, commit and be totally 'in' with you when it comes to relationship.

Second, this may be the perfect time to go through this program. A breakup can be one of the most emotionally devastating times of our lives. It can also be the time when we transform in ways that were never available to us in the past. We invite you to see this as such a potent time to step into this course and allow it to motivate you to rework and upgrade the way you relate to everyone. You have a natural momentum from the breakup that will make consuming and applying the material that much easier and your results even more phenomenal.

Plus, you'll be surrounded by other like-minded women to help you support you through this time.

Most relationship programs don't go this deep. Relationship Ready is not about giving you more information. It's about transformation. It's about fundamentally changing the way you see yourself, men and relationship from this point forward. The promise of this program is that at the end of week 6, when you look in the mirror you'll have a completely new, loving experience of who you are.

Let us take the risk.

We're giving a 30-day money back guarantee. We'll shoulder the burden. If you truly feel like this is an experience that isn't growing you, challenging you and enriching your relationships, email us and we'll give you all your money back.

There is rarely a perfect time for coaching. Said differently, there is rarely a perfect time to invest in yourself and change your life. The question becomes... what are your deepest priorities. When you get quiet and tap into your heart, what is it that you want? Is it a relationship? If so and you want to say not now, then my question is...when? Often times when we say now is not the time, we're finding another way to stay safe and only ensure we keep getting the same results. Nothing really changes except we get another year older. I can't tell you how many women have sent unsolicited emails wishing they would have taken this course sooner

We're giving you the inside scoop of what men want.  Jack and I have been coaching guys for years.  We've also been in men's groups, seminars and been privy to the deepest secrets men hold about their thoughts on women and relationships.  We've got A LOT to share on the matter.  There are certain things men are just too uncomfortable and too scared to share with you.  These are the thoughts and desires men wish you knew but sometimes just don't have the language to share.  Jack and I act as a powerful bridge in this regard and can help you see more clearly your value as a woman in our lives and the things that we need to step in and commit completely. 
Relationship is about fulfillment.  The giving and receiving of love.  Jack and Clayton have the unique ability to make that process feel much more safe and accessible to women like you.

Start attractingLOVE now

(If not now, then when?)

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